Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas time

So kinda crazy Christmas week. I had a Dr. appointment on Monday the 21. There I was told that my cervex is starting to thin out, so I was put on modified bed rest. That means I get to be lazy... Then we found out that Matt didn't have to work the night of the 23, so we went to his parents for Christmas eve. That was lots of fun. Then Christmas day we went over to Tyra's and opened gifts. Natalie got some too. She got some more clothes and a crib! Christie and Reid got her the crib and Trya and Derrick got her a mattress, Yay! After hanging out there for a while we went over to Matt's grandparents house. We had dinner and exchanged more gifts. Natalie got more clothes from Aunt Trish and family. And we taught cousin Mitchel Mah-jongg. Then Saturday we set up the crib. I am so thankful for everything.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Natalie's Room

So I was starting to stress out and worry that we wouldn't have enough time or the means to decorate Natalie's room before she got here. I was telling this to my mother-in-law this past week and she came to my "rescue". I had a paint color all picked out, just wasn't able to buy it. Christie came over and had an idea. She had some leftover paint from previous projects and I had the sample paints we had bought earlier. And with that we painted a wall.

She had some fabric, bought for curtains, and she transformed the windows. She also had some tulle leftover from wedding decorations. And so we completed the room. All we need now is furniture.

Chistmas Time

I found it a little hard to decorate for Christmas this year, having a small apartment and little money. I wanted to put up some sort of tree but that would mean completely rearranging everything, and that would be hard to do. Luckily, though I had forgotten about it, Christie brought over a Teddy Bear tree that fit perfectly. Then I received a package from my parents and family. I bought some candy canes and had some iridescent pipe cleaners that I twisted into curls to finish my Christmas decorating. It's not much but it will do this year.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Two months to go...

My due date is Jan. 30, so as of tomorrow, Dec. 5, I have 9 weeks left to my pregnancy. I feel totally unprepared for Natalie to come into this world. I mean yes I'm ready for her emotionally, I think, but nowhere near ready for her physically. As of this moment her room is still a catch-all, she has nowhere to sleep, and I have no changing table (though I can probably use my bed for now). I waned to paint the room, before my birthday, but that didn't happen. I just feel like these past seven month have flown by. The only big ticket item I have is he travel system. So at least I have a car seat to bring her home. I guess I'm just a little worried and nervous that all I want to get done won't get done in time.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

25 and pegnant!

So my 25th birthday was Sunday November 15. It got me thinking about want I wanted to accomplish by this time. Well all I really wanted was to be a wife and mother, so I got one down and the other so close that I'm calling it good. Yeah so maybe I thought there would be a couple differences but I am happy with the way things are. I couldn't imagine my life going any other way. I've been blessed in this pregnancy as well, nothing that I couldn't handle. I've just been more tired and sore than usual. I am about 30 weeks now, so I'm on the final strecth. I can hardly wait o see my little girl and hold her in my arms. The biggest thing that I wish could change, but most likely won't, is the fact that my family and my husband's family are so far apart. If we decide to move closer to my family we would be moving farther from his and vice versa. I love the fact that Matt's family is so close, we get together with his mom and dad at least once a month if not more. Natalie will have three cosions when she is born; Kaitlyn who will be 12 i think, Conner who is 7, and Lizzy who will almost be 2.

So Matt and I have some decisions to make but I know nothing will be decided before Natalie comes. So I am looking forward to some fun and exciting adventures and can hardly wait!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Dr.'s visit

We had a visit to the Dr.'s on the 29th. It was time for my Gestational Diabetes test. For this test I had to fast for 4-6 hours before hand, and for a pregnant woman that is very hard to do. Along with this test they also check for anemia. So I got a call back with the results, my glucose is good at 97, but my iron is low. I was wondering why I was so tired all the time, I've heard that my energy should be around normal at this stage. So I am now on an iron supplement. Other than that Every thing is great.

Baby Shower!

So Christie and Millicent(Matt's Grandma) threw Natalie and I a baby shower on October 24th. We got a lot of fun stuff. It was a brunch and so Christie made a bunch of cute decorations with eggs and pumpkins. It was very interesting for me, I hardly knew anyone there! So we took a picture of everyone with the gifts they gave us.

Me siting waiting for the presents.

This is Marla McCafferty. She gave us a giraffe that sings, wrist rattles, and a pink Pooh outfit.

Luann Metcalf gave us a bag of "bath" items, a pack of 5 onesies, and some bibs.

Charlene Martin, (Matt's great aunt) was able to give us a tote bag that had a onesie, a bib, and a couple of blankets in it, along with a pack of diapers.

Christie's gift was two sleepers, and a teddy bear coat!

Tyra and Katlin (my sister-in-law and niece) gave us a lot of things. Bibs, bottle washers, bed sheets, onseis, passifiers, a snot sucker, a bag of "bath" items, nail clippers, and a pack of diapers.

Natalie will be ready for bath time with some duck wash cloths, a duck hooded towel, and a ducky robe, from Marilyn Morris.

Julie Morris (Matt's aunt) gave a very cool sound spa.

We recived books, a pair of socks, a blanket bear, and a rubber ducky from Luanne Smith.

Millicent gave us an engraved birth certificate box and a pink princess teddy bear.

Natalie will be able to start saving early thanks to Doris Smith and this pink piggy bank.

And Tricia Johnson(aunt) gave us a classic Pooh blanket and a pack of onesies.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I spent the weekend at the In-law's. It was nice to be able to get out of my place for a while. Saturday Christie and I went shopping for Natalie. We got some really good deals on a few cute outfits for her, and a "travel system". When I first started this journey I didn't know what a travel system was so I will explain for those who don't know. It is a stroller and an infant carrier. The one we got has a leave in car seat base and is Winnie the Pooh themed. It is green so it should work for future kids too. The infant carrier attaches to the stroller, and the stroller folds very easily. I'm so excited.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

So far So good

So I am now 23 weeks pregnant or 6 months, same thing as far as dates are concerned. Matt says that I now look like I am actually pregnant and that it only took 6 months to get there. We've been collecting stuff for Natalie, mostly from Matt's mom, Christie, and I know there will be more to come. It is official Natalie will be sleeping in a castle, very exciting. We are getting ready to paint her bed room too. This morning I took a tally of the things we have for Natalie. So far we have 15 newborn onesies (mostly white, but we do have 5 pink, 1 black, and 1 yellow), 6 receiving blankets, 4 bibs, 3 bottles, 3 beanie hats, 1 pair of mittens, 2 pairs of socks, 1 headband, 36 newborn diapers, 1 diaper bag, 2 newborn seat belt pads, and then 8 outfits for when she gets bigger. Also after a week of being to tired to even get dressed, I have caught the nesting bug. I want to get the house clean and spotless ( I tell myself good luck with that), and everything decorated and in order. I am very thankful to my mother-in-law for helping with the decorating, it makes things just look and feel nicer to actually have color on the walls ( yes I have lived here for over a year and haven't really put anything up). I almost can't believe that I have 4 more months until my baby girl gets here! Time to get stuff done!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And It's A.....Girl!

So we had a Dr. appointment today with ultrasound. We found out that the little bump of a belly I have now will be a girl. Luckly we had a name all picked out, Natalie Lynn. The Dr. says everything looks good so far, baby's healthy and moving around like crazy. We felt the frist kicks last week and she doesn't let me rest too often. Matt and I are so excited. My Mother-in-law is designing a crib that is a castle for us, Hopefully.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Vacation to Washington

Mat and I recently visited my family in Washington State. While we were there we did a lot of new things. Firstly Matt had never been to Washington so it was fun for him to see where I grew up. Then we did some ATVing, My Dad took us up past Dayton so we could ride some of the trails up there. First off he took my sister, Matt and my little brother(who is taller then me but always will be my little brother) on a trail, leaving my Mom, sister-in-law, my niece, and me to talk. When they got back they were so dirty I just had to take a picture of Matt.

My Family also taught Matt Mah-Jongg. He took to it so well and fast that before we left Matt got online and ordered us our own set of tiles! My family has a white set and now we have a black set.

During this fun filled week I got to meet my niece, Lizzy. She is a little over a year old and the last time I saw my whole family was over two years ago. Happily she took to me real quick. I think she started showing off for me too. Lizzy became fascinated with my lips, whenever they were within reach she grabbed onto them, i think it's because I put lipstick on in front of her a couple of times...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It all begins

Ok to get started. Matt and I got married March 14, 2009, in Louisvillie, KY. We are living in Clarksville, IN which happens to be across the river from Louisville. We found out in May hat we are expecting out first child. We will find out the gender in September and will welcome our little one to the world in late January. It has been a very exiting time for us.