Friday, July 27, 2012

Potty Training

So Natalie is now potty trained. It took us awhile to get it completed but that was because of my approach.  I decided that we would really start training around my husband's birthday, which was the 13th. What I did was every morning I asked "diaper or panties?" showing her each as I said the word. if she said diaper that is what she was in for the day. one day she said no to both so I asked if she wanted to go naked, she replied yes. so I took the potty chair that had been in the bathroom upstairs and put in downstairs just outside of the room. I took Natalie and showed her where it was and told her pee-pee and poo-poo go in here. And since she had been watching me go and asking me questions about what I was doing since she was 2 she had an idea of what I meant. We went all morning with out anything happening so I filled her sippy with juice. That got it going. she peed on me! I told her to "go potty go potty" when the first tinkle started, she stopped the flow and ran to the potty, and  she finished on the potty! then the rest of the day she had no problems. Then Daddy came home. He ended up putting in a diaper... I told him that if you put her in a diaper you get to change her. it was 3 hours before bed..... he changed her twice... after she went to bed I told him I was a little upset with him because I didn't want Natalie to reverse. He said that that little bit in a diaper shouldn't effect her, but he was wrong.... The next day I did not offer a choice of diaper or panties I offered a choice in which panties to wear. I got peed on again and we went through 3 pairs of underwear that day. I made sure to thank my wonderful husband when he got home. Natalie slept in a diaper again that night. the next day we had another naked day and NO accidents. another night with a diaper. next day panties and the constant question "where does pee-pee and poopy go?" and the response "In potty." No accidents! that night she slept in panties because I asked her if that was what she wanted and it was. I was woken up in the morning not by Brook, but by Natalie saying "Mommy, wet panties." sure enough she had peed herself awake. luckly it was about 7:30 so we got up for the day. she had no accidents for that day. and so we went and got more panties the next day. since then she has had one maybe two accidents, one while we were out and about, and the other was another wake up call. So we were kind of slow, but after the research I did before and durring this event I learned, 1) kids have a natural aversion to peeing on themselves and therefore will want to put it somewhere while naked, 2) Natalie thought that when something was on, be it panties or a diaper, that was where it was suppose to go, 3) repeating "where does pee-pee go?" helped her link the action and the words, and 4) Letting her choose whether she wanted a diaper or not let her feel in control of the situation and gave her the confidence to do it herself.