Sunday, May 2, 2010

3 Months

Wow where has the time gone? Natalie is 3 months old. We do not have a check up for this month so I can't really say how much she has grown, but I know she has. she is starting to actually outgrow some of her clothes, which is very exciting. just in the past week she has found her thumb and likes to chew on it, not suck but chew, and she has started to roll over. I have found her at least twice on her back when I go in to feed her in the morning, and my husband found her like that once. Today at church I put her down on her back and everything but her head was turned over... she is starting to stick everything she can in her mouth. she'll just sit there and gnaw at her hand or my fingers or whatever else is in her hand or reach. she is grabbing things and loves it. we still don't hear many happy noises but we do see a lot of smiles. One thing that makes me laugh is we will look in our mirror downstairs and she'll give a great big smile and then hid her head in my shoulder.
We also bought some baby sign language dvds. I know it is still early for her to be able to do them back to me but I figure it is never to early to start. The kit I bought is great. It comes with 6 dvds, each dvd came with a book and a set of flash cards. We get to learn mealtime, bedtime, bath time, getting dressed, park and pet signs. I am so excited. there is only about 6 signs for each but it is enough.