Thursday, November 19, 2009

25 and pegnant!

So my 25th birthday was Sunday November 15. It got me thinking about want I wanted to accomplish by this time. Well all I really wanted was to be a wife and mother, so I got one down and the other so close that I'm calling it good. Yeah so maybe I thought there would be a couple differences but I am happy with the way things are. I couldn't imagine my life going any other way. I've been blessed in this pregnancy as well, nothing that I couldn't handle. I've just been more tired and sore than usual. I am about 30 weeks now, so I'm on the final strecth. I can hardly wait o see my little girl and hold her in my arms. The biggest thing that I wish could change, but most likely won't, is the fact that my family and my husband's family are so far apart. If we decide to move closer to my family we would be moving farther from his and vice versa. I love the fact that Matt's family is so close, we get together with his mom and dad at least once a month if not more. Natalie will have three cosions when she is born; Kaitlyn who will be 12 i think, Conner who is 7, and Lizzy who will almost be 2.

So Matt and I have some decisions to make but I know nothing will be decided before Natalie comes. So I am looking forward to some fun and exciting adventures and can hardly wait!