Saturday, August 14, 2010


Natalie started climbing up on things.

Sitting with Grandma. Eating bread.

Sitting up and playing with a new toy.

Starting to try and stand up while watching grandpa cook.
taking a nap.

Playing with Lizzy.

with Grandma at her work.

Natalie and I spent a week with my parents this summer. It was so much fun. It was Natalie's first flight. She did very well both ways. I got to meet my niece Kaitlin, and Natalie got to meet Lizzy! It was so much fun seeing Natalie and Lizzy interact. Lizzy was a little shy at first but warmed up quickly. Natalie loved her at first sight. It was great seeing my family again the only person that was unable to come and meet Natalie was my sister, Amanda, but she graduated later that week so i understand. I was able to talk with adults! I think that is my biggest drawback of being a stay at home mom.