Monday, May 16, 2011

Long time no post

Well a lot can happen in 5 First thing I need to say is we have been jobless since December 30th. We have been looking but haven't had much luck yet. We realized that we would not be able to keep our apartment so we moved in with Reid and Christie (my in-laws). but before we did that my parents were able o fly us up there for a week. It was a lot of fun. I got to see how much Lizzy and KD had grown. I love going up there. Right after we got back from Washington we move into the basement of my in-law's house. that was in March. No much else happened in march come to think of it. April was easter of course, and this year Natalie was old enough to acctualy hunt for eggs. She had so much fun. Christie made her a bunny puppet too, we call it Jellybean, because Natalie fed it some of her jellybeans. I was able to get those pictures and videos up on Facebook and then our computer crashed. It crashed so bad Matt wasn't able to even reload window onto it. So we are borrowing one that Reid had that he wasn't really using. so that is why there are no picture of this post (Sorry). then was Mother's day, but no job, so no big surprises for me this year. I was able to make myself a new skirt though which made me very happy. All in All that pretty much brings y'all up to date.