Monday, July 4, 2011

A few of her favorite things....

Natalie is now 17 months old and has a great personality. I thought that it would be fun for my readers to know some of Natalie's favorite things.

She loves the movie Finding Nemo. We watch it in the car. We watch it when we want Natalie to sit still for a while. And whenever we sit down in front of the TV she says "MO" and we say "Nemo?" and then she says "Yeah!"

She loves all sorts of balls. She likes to throw them and bounce them and she even dreams about

Her favortie food is Blueberries.

Natalie loves books. Oh she comes over to us with a book in hand with a high pitched "Boo?"

Dogs.... She loves dogs. we have been watching Blue's clues on netfilx. she just can't get enough.

She loves it when Mommy and Daddy kiss. It is funny, I'll be holding her and try and give her to Daddy and she'll grab my shoulder and his and push us together. and she keeps doing it with a big grin on her face.

She love spinning around. on the merry-go-round, on her own, or having us toss her. anything that makes her dizzy.

She loves her Mommy. we say "Mommy can do no wrong." I can even punish her or ell her no and she'll still run to me over Daddy.

Natalie Loves to draw. She will get out the paper and crayons and makers, spread them out all around her on the floor and get down on her belly with her feet up in the air and color and draw and just have fun.

Her Favorite game is peek-a-boo. she'll hide behind the curtain and run out saying "Boo!" she'll peek around a corner. she'll even hide under the blankets or in her closet. it is so funny.

All in all we try o keep her active and her personality is growing each and every day, along with her vocabulary. I hope you all enjoy this peek into our little girls life.