Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween and 9 months old

So Halloween weekend was so much fun. Friday we had the ward Trunk-r-Treat. It was fun to see my ward family and talk to them. As I was following Natalie around I got stopped by the missionaries. One of the said "Your husband is what I'm going as next year." I'm Like "Oh Really?" He said "Yeah, Only as the Beast, not the human form." I nodded my head thinking that's great He knew who he was! He said that he knew who Matt was when he walked in and seeing me next to him just confirmed who he was supposed to be. That made me so happy. So I told him about how I made the costumes and where I got the pattern etc. Little did I know that he was one of the judges for the costume contest.... which we won! Not that we won much just some Halloween stickers that Natalie had so much fun with inside the package. And bragging rights!
Saturday we went to Tyra's and "carved" pumpkins. well her kids were suppose to do it but Tyra and I ended up doing it. But Natalie had fun.

Sunday after church we went to MiMi and Peepaw's house. There Christie redid my hair and we got ready for the Family Fall Festival at Matt's church. This just happened to be outside. We went and got judged for the costume contest, which we didn't place. and went Trunk-r-Treating there to show off our costumes. There in the middle of the line up of cars we meet up with Mickey Mouse and Cinderella at one car. The next car was Sleeping Beauty. And the third car in a row had Snow White. I mentioned to them all that we should have done a trunk and been right there with them. It was great. But the best part of that afternoon was when I went to the bathroom. As I was finishing up washing my hands a little girl dressed as Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) came in and said Hi and gave me hug like she knew me. Being the sweet person I am I said hi back and gave her a squeeze. I walk out of the bathroom thinking that was weird. Matt came out about the same time and escorted me back to where we had left his parents with Natalie. On the way back Matt saw one girl's eyes light up (I didn't I was busy trying not to trip on my dress). then maybe five seconds after we got back a family came up to us and said that their three little girls just had to come over and see Belle. So I bent over and gave them hugs and said hi and all that fun stuff. Christie told the mom that we were both "Disney trained" and told me later that the oldest of the three turned around and did excited claps for her mom to see. That was the experience that made my night.
Monday morning I woke up to the sweetest thing. My husband comes home at 3 am so I don't get to see him much and He left me this card with a bunch of Lollipops.

Natalie is now 9 months old. WOW! she has 3 teeth now. She climbs on Everything! she is a chatter box, especialy at the dinner table while we are eating. Loves to sing, and dance ( right now it is just rocking back and forth but still so cute). And wants whatever we have, no matter what it is she wants it. Monday I was eating a Dum-dum sucker from trunk-r-treating, Natalie saw this and took the sucker right from my mouth and stuck it in her's! so we shared for a little bit until she decided not to give it back! Oh well, As long as she sits still I guess it won't really hurt.