Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summertime fun

We had Cousin Connor's Birthday party at his house which has a pool. So I took Natalie swimming. She didn't quite know what to make of it until all the girls swarmed her and started making faces at her. She quickly gravitated towards her cousin Kaitlyn. Most of the time though was spent in Pee paw's lap. which he loved.

Then we spent Father's Day at Matt's grandparents. Matt didn't sleep well the night before and so when Natalie took a nap so did he. That was a pretty relaxing day. I helped Christie get some things done for the big project she has been working on.

Matt's company held a picnic ant the Louisville Zoo one Saturday. It just happened to be one of the very hot humid days we have been having. But we went and enjoyed everything that was offered. I had brought Natalie some cold teething toys and Ice packs. We used them to keep her cool. We put them behind her back in the stroller. She was probably the most comfortable of all of us. While we were there Natalie decided to drink water like Mommy and Daddy right out of their water bottles. so I decided that she was ready to try a sippy cup. I don't think sh is getting much out of it at the moment but she is learning.

The Dr. has approved solid feedings, but she doesn't like just rice so we have been feeding her vegetables with it as well. Sunday Daddy was up when this happened. he spoke and she turned around and gave him this delicious smile.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Natalie is Now four months, wow. Time sure does fly. I had some pictures but for some odd reason my compy won't read the camera:( so Anyway. Natalie has found her toes, she loves to lift her little feet up, grab one leg with both hands and put her big toe in her mouth and then wiggle it! She is trying to sit up on her own. And she had learned another new trick how to take out her binky. She will take it out look at it, talk to it and then try to put it back in her mouth. Sometimes she makes it in sometimes she misses and then sometimes it gets turned around. That is when she gets mad and yells at it tries again and then looks at it intently. the only hard part about this new skill is that she wants to do it at bed time. She'll take out the binky and is too tired to even try to put it back in so the cries about it. We had a little sick episode last week and took her to the Dr. she was weighed at 11lbs and 8oz. It was nothing major and she came home better then when she went. But we have the well check on the 18th so we will see how much she gains in a week.