Friday, March 23, 2012

Brooklynn Nichole Morris

Brooklynn's birth story starts on Tuesday the 13th of March. I went in for a regular appointment. I was already 2-3cm dilated. I felt like what I thought were contractions on Thursday so we went to the hospital. I was 4cm. They sent me home after 3 hours and no change. I felt some mild contractions off and on all weekend. I decided that since I had an appointment again on Tuesday I would wait unless I felt pains that I could NOT stand. So I went in on Tuesday the 20th of March at 2pm for my appointment. I was 5cm then. I told my Doctor all that I had been feeling and if there was any way for us to kind of speed things up a little. She said that she didn't feel good inducing me but she could strip my membrains, So that is what we did and I went to the hospital. They checked me in and got paperwork signed around 4pm. Durring all of this I had my two-year-old, Natalie. Fortanatly My mother-in-law met up with us on our way to the hospital. I called my husband and told him to go ahead and finish out work and come later. When he came Natalie and he went and grabbed a bite. He came back and Mimi took Natalie home. about 8pm I started feeling contractions for real. When they came in and checked my around 9pm they broke my water and I asked for the epidural. I took the them 2 long hours to get me my epidural... After that I dozed in and out at about 2:30am they came in to check me and the doctor said that the head was right there! Brooklynn was ready! luckily they had alraedy gotten everything ready. I started pushing and after about 2 sets of pushing POP! out she came, and yes there was an audible pop. I felt a whoosh and the doctor was even surprised a little.

So Brooklynn Nichole Morris was Born at 2:53am on March 21st 2012. She weighs in at 6lbs and 15oz (just 2oz shy of what her sister weighed in at). And measured 18 inches. She is nursing great and is perfect. I am doing well as well, A little sore but still good.