Friday, October 5, 2012

Christmas and birthday lists

So I don't know anywhere else my family looks regularly and I don't think I have everyone's email so I decided that this would be the best place to post the lists of what we want and need.

a sit and stand stroller
Wicked soundtrack
Clothing (size 6 or medium)
   I really don't know what to ask for, I already had my big present. Matt took me to see Wicked the musical on September 27, 2012. It was AMAZING! We were able to get box seats too. So much fun. Then the stroller is a big thing too so I don't feel like I should ask for more.

Dresses (size 3T)
Dress up clothes
Dress up shoes
Play make up
small dolls she can rock in her hand
   Matt and I are planning on getting her a new car seat for Christmas, since Brooklynn needs a bigger seat we'll just move everyone up.

NO CLOTHING PLEASE I have dresses from Natalie and more clothes than I know what to do with in sizes 12m+.
as far as toys go She and Natalie are sharing right now because we just don't have room for a lot of things
Anything she can chew on
Stuffed animals are good too
I really can't think of anything that Brooklynn "needs" this year.


no ideas sorry

If I think of anything else I try to post it. Feel free to donate to Our house fund too....LOL

Anything we get will be appreciated and loved.

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