Thursday, February 4, 2010

Natalie Lynn Morris

We went to the hospital on Sunday Jan 31st for an induction. Started the petocin at about 9 am. Dr. came in soon after to check my dilation and break my water. I was 2cm and about 80%. Since i had an induction i was confined to bed or chair. Had a good morning. I started feeling really strong contractions about 3pm. I asked for IV meds so I could try and nap, ha ha. They just made me loopy. It felt like time slowed down so about 3:30 I was back up and in pain. They asked if I wanted the epidural at 4, and I said i wanted to try for another half hour. Then another contraction hit and that idea went out the window. But the anaesieologist was busy so I did go for another half an hour... and got another IV med. Got the epidural about 5 or so, I don't really know I was so out of it. By then I was 5-6cm and about 95%. At around 6:30 or so I was checked out again and the nurse said I was ready to go, Matt was like ready to go where... Ready to push. The Dr. came in at 7, we had to bring her in from home and making dinner, and we started pushing. I pushed for only 41 min. Natalie was born at 7:41pm on Sunday weighing 7lbs and 1oz, and 20in long. All in all it was an experience. We got home Tue evening and had an interesting first night. the Second Night was much better.

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Alicia and Peter Empey said...

I was jealous that you got to play cards while you were in labor! I'm sure it all felt crazy, but it sounds like you did great. Congrats :)